Good things come to those who choose to Hustle!!

Good things come to those who choose to Hustle!!



No wonder, if you scared from having hustle full life. But the real learning starts, when you start having such. Just, say for example, you want to learn new skill. But, until and unless you not spending time to learn the basics, practicing the same again and again, knowing advance techniques, inventing and implementing new techniques, you will never able to learn. Also, you want to master it, again you must hustle and giving it priority.

How you can start your hustle and start learning

Have clear Purpose – The stronger ‘Why’, you have the stronger willingness, you will have. Bigger the ‘Why’, bigger the will power, you will have. If, you have clear goal in your mind, then you will ready to take any action, in any condition.

Leaving comfort zone – For abundance of success; I always reemphases on coming out from comfort zone. Because when we remain in comfort zone, we always compress ourselves in confined space, and stopping ourselves from taking extra efforts. And at the end we, not only remain behind from our target, but also struggling in life.

Learning Mindset – Learning mindset, is all the most essentials things, that one can have. Unfortunately, once we start growing, we stop reading and learning. All CEOs of multinational companies and fortune five hundred companies are on and average reading for 5 books, a week. All readers are leaders. They also, spend time on online learning rather than wasting time on Netflix and amazon prime. They attend seminars, webinars and training rather than spending time on night clubs and casinos.

Act upon – While learning, there will be lots of ideas will be popped up in our mind. Now it’s time to recheck if it is physical or not. If we find it, an important and practical. Further, we need to investigate the idea, and start working on it. Because, action is the only outcome of result. If we want to get better result, we need to take action on every single idea.

Tap a learning from failure – There may be possible, that we may fail, or we may not get desire result. That does not mean then it’s all over. Just we need to tap a learning, because someone said it very nicely : There is no failure, only it’s success or feedback. Every feedback is fuel for improvement and practice again and again.

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