How to develop pleasing personality, that attract everyone?

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Personality Development

Yesterday, I met one of great personality, during my routine travelling. He is celebrity trainer (He has declined to disclose his name) and working with big celebrities in Bollywood and TV actors. Very soon, you will get the idea, why I am writing about him. What a personality he has!! Always smiling face with great sense of humour. A talkative but good listener as well. Clear focused communication with easy words, well grounded, brilliant emotional intelligence and had knowledge of all most every subject.
I wonder, if I could have personality like him. Do you want to learn how you can adopt easy lifestyle and instil great personality, like him? I think, yes.
Let’s learn the same together, by following simple steps :

Smiling face: Always have soft smiling on face. That too, a natural one! Yes, because if we make a fake smile, the other person will easily catch. Also, we will have make it as a habit and never be able to smile again. So, very first thing to do is, adopt smiling face. Then, when we start conversation with anyone, slowly and gradually, we nee to increase our smiling face. Also, we need to develop our sense of humour to be always smiley and happy.
Eye-contact: We need to focus, how our eye-contact during our conversation, because it is very important to make impact full impression. If we don’t make eye-contact than people will think that we are lying them, or we are too shy. And in both the cases, we could not able to make our first impression very strong. At the flip side, if we maintained good eye-contact than, people will feel more comfortable and they will enjoy the overall conversation. Finally, they will say, we really enjoyed, to discussed with us.
Positive gestures & postures : we need to learn, body language and need to focus, how our body is talking. Is it sending positive vibes or not? Is it comfortable or not? Are you more conscious or not? By having positive body-language we could expand our aura and make great impression.
Communication skill : Are we able to transfer our ideas towards hundreds of people very easily? If not, we need to work on enhancing our communication skill, and finding our true communication style. Because we all are very unique in the world, so rather than copy other we could enhance, and develop our unique communication skill. But it needs to be simple but impact-full, impressive but easy to understand and expressive manner.
We are the hero ( of our life) : We need to know that we are the hero of our own life, and no-one can play a better role of us, in our life. So, we must be confident enough to share what all we know in best possible manner, and always focus on learning opportunity.
Adopt positive attitude : We should be in positive in our attitude, in any given situations. Because, positive people are always attracting positivity in their lives. No matter, how you feel, you need to be positive all the time. Because, being positive is not a choice, it is compulsion to be happy.
Always be careful on your words : We should be careful always, when we communicate to anyone. We must focus what we speak, every single words, that we speak are really important. It may be not mean to us, but it is very much possible that the person on the other side has all the world, because words are powerful. It has power to destroys the world and also power to heal the biggest wound.

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