How to face your FEAR with courage??

In the era of huge competition, we are living with anxiety and depression mode. Most of the time we feel over conscious and feeling of failure. The main reason of the said state because we are keeping our selves in FEARFULL mode.

Here I will gives you few tips to face your fear with courage and living life happily :

De-focus from non-controllable things :

We are not taking action, most of the time because of fear, the fear of failing, the fear of not able to deliver the desire result. Also, the same is happen because of we focus on so many things at a time. And as a result, we end up with lost our focus. Here we need to de-focus from the things which are not at all our condition. We must have to focus only where we can focus and can change result by taking some action. Don’t spend your time plotting and planning ways to make sure these things will never happen.


Getting ready to face your fear even before you start something :

It’s all about mental game. We need to master it or else we will be never able to get rid of the feeling of fear all the time. Yes, it’s mind game because you need to start paying attention on the all activities and things which is not even started yet. re they occur. Make a list of the worst that could happen, and you’ll probably see that the situation is not so bad after all. It simply means that you have to start thinking and get ready to face your fear even before you start something that will gives you mental readiness to accept all situation and plan in better way to avoid undesired result.


Use your creativity to find the solutions:

During planning stage, you must have thinking about what kind of problems will be occur. You need to list down all of them and guess what you have to use your creativity to find out the best possible solution of the same. Just take an example you are running a business of finance advisory. And you get an invitation to address in one of the privileged organisation to guide them on finance planning. But because you have a fear of stage and lack of public speaking skills. What possibly you can do is you simply ignore invitation, or you can find mentor and learn the required skill, you probably prepared, and even practice with friends and family members.

Which option is better? The one which you choose is always better. The choice is always yours.

Imagine and visualise the end result :

Picture the result of giving into your fears. Really feel the cost of being ruled by fear; then really feel the benefits of courageously following your ambition. Carefully weigh the two and see the difference. Visualising and imagining are powerful tactics to illustrate our mind to get result. It always provides the wisdom and mental strength to accept take initiatives and be the first and fast movers of any field. Use these two powerful weapons fights against the fear, which is stopping us from taking any action and holding us back.


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