How to have positive ATTITUDE?

How to have positive attitude? TheKiritPatel MotiVation MotiNation

“Attitude is everything” I am sure you must have heard/read this sentence. But I wonder if you know the importance of it in our life to get success.

According to me, the prime requirement of success is positive ATTITUDE. Approaching everything with the positive attitude, is a habit to see good sight in all the situation. Let me give you new definition of Positive attitude. Let me give you my example here. I have a trademark answer on the question: “How are You?” “Excellent! And How are you?” Most of my colleague, always ask me the same question “How can you be happy all the time and that to in all the circumstances?”. And my answer is like “Because I choose to be excellent.” And the same is never fake one, always sincere and genuine one. You don’t know the power of positive attitude until you experience it personally.

You too can choose to be happy or excellent. In fact, it is easy to be positive than you think by following below mentioned steps:

Believe me, you have control on your attitude – Firstly you must understand and believe that you can control on your attitude. Positive attitude and negative attitude are basically a different between the choices that we make in day to day life. Such as every morning on the ringing of alarm – we have choice to get up and run or press snooze, Every time when we get hungry – We have too choose from healthy food or fast food, in every free time we have too choose from using it in productive ways or sitting idle, watching TV or gossiping. The list may go on and on, but the point is we have controlled all the time to control our attitude. 

Choose positive vocabulary- If we measure all the language, we are using in day to day life. What type vocabulary we are using, is it positive? Some where we have to update our dictionary and adopt new positive vocabulary so that we can feel more positive and show positive attitude by behavioural and nature.

Believe in yourself- You have to believe yourself, that you can do wonder if you really want to change small things. Because every small thing, that you act upon, combinedly it will give bigger and great result.

You are greater than your problem- Have a great self-esteem that you are always a bigger than your problem. Because god knows your capacity, and he will give all the problems only as per your capability. You have to believe and use your creativity to come out from problem. Most of the time it’s always easier than we ever thought of.

Take control of your life- Anything happens to you, you have to take responsibility of yourself. Until you are blaming weather, government or any other external factors.  You are losing chance to improvising yourself. Which will again responsible for your failure, as a result we can not remain in positive state.

Accompany yourself with positive people- Circumstances around you is always impact a lot in our behaviours and nature. If you have good people with you all the time than automatically positive vibes will always heat your heart and ultimately gives positivity in yourself.

Try it, I am sure you will love it!!d

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