How to learn new SKILL faster?

How to learn new Skill faster? #Thekiritpatel #Learning #Motivation #Education #EduNation #MotiNation


How to learn new Skill faster?

Wants to learn new skill? 

Do you always wish if there is a shortcut for learning new skill, very fast?
Let’s talk about, how you can easily learn any new skill very fast and quickly by simply follow scientific steps.

 Choose skill wisely – If you observe your surrounding, there are many skills that you may wants to learn. That simply does not mean that you can learn anything. Please remember what skill that you are targeting to learn, that must have your interest area, purpose to learn and usage of the same. Otherwise you will leave it, in half a battle.  

Set Goals- As you already have, interest and purpose behind learning that skill. Now you have to set a clear goal for that skill. Means, up to what level, by what time, and how you are going to learn. You can set a strategy according to your connivance.  Remember it should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and with time bound. Means it should be not vague, learning stage to be measure, also it should have set some specific time.

Find right mentor- Having a mentor, will reduce your time and efforts dramatically. Remember, the mentor should have already achieved what he claims to teach you. Because only theoretical knowledge will not work, he must have some practical experience. Having a mentor, improves your learning very fast and make your leaning-journey very interesting and enjoyable. Also, he will challenge, motivate and encourage you to push yourself beyond your limit. That will make your learning process very fast.

Practice every single day- No matter, how busy was your day, you must have to spend some time to practice every single day. Committing yourself to spare some time every day, make a routine and stick to it for faster result. Also it will be easy for you, if you specify time and place, because when you anchor that place and time in your mind for practice, your sub-conscience mind will automatically remind you to practice and you will be able to learn very fast.

Practice differently- Try to practice different-different manner every day. Let me give you example here, if you are learning guitar. And assume that you practice regularly every day. Now if you practice in different-different manner every day, by doing one day you are practice playing chords, next day you are practising leading, next day playing with singing and go on and on. If you do it, you will learn the width and depth both at the same time, that will surely raise your bar in dramatic way. 

Incorporate all your senses- We, as a human being, learning from our senses. We have five senses; Listening, Watching, kinetics, smelling and speaking. The more senses you utilise, the learning will be faster. Likewise, if you incorporate all your senses in learning process, the process will be more enjoyable, memorable and faster.


Enjoy the learning faces – As such, any learning has four faces. A. Unknown by conscious and sub-conscious, B. Known by conscious but unknown by sub-conscious, C. Known by sub-conscious but unknown by conscious and d. Known by conscious and sub-conscious. Try, to enjoy every faces, because that’s a process, and sooner you will be became master in that particular skill.

All the best!!
By dedication and determination, you can learn any new skill easily, also you have to make committing yourself to procrastinating every single day. Also, you must understand that learning process is time taking activity. It is very important to enjoy the learning journey faces.


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