The opportunity COST of wasting TIME

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“Time is money”; because, we all have only 24 hours a day! Most of the time we feel that always we are lacking with time. Just take one example, we want to start gym, but we can’t because lack of time. Most of the time we wanted to start new positive things but, generally we postponed it on next day, and that next day will never come. At the same time, we mostly wasting our precious time on Netflix and social media or watching idiot box (TV). And still we are keep complaining to the god that we never get what we achieve.

Today, I would like to throw some lights on cost of wasting time, my dear friends, on every single minute that we are wasting on social media, Netflix or watching TV, gossiping or any things doing which is non adding value in our life. The opportunity cost of time is huge, so we have to check ourselves before we are always making fool ourselves by giving excuses and not working hard to manage our time.

Let’s take an example, if we want to start gym but not able to start because we have no time. Here we have to introspect ourselves and looking on the opportunity of time management. Also, we need to check that what we are gaining from social media or watching TV, instead if we join gym and within same time we can be owning a healthy life or extra ordinary success by instilling new skills. Always, we must focus on every activity that consuming our time, how productive it is, is it well organised and well planned?

Because our tomorrow’s success is all depends on how we spend our time today!

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